Accessible DIY

If You Are Facing A Health Challenge Or Disability - You Have Come To The Right Place

We Show You How To Make The World Accessible Yourself

And How You Can Make Some Money Too

Join Startup Too Academy

Our Startup Too Academy motivates and teaches you how to leverage your health challenge or disability to startup your own company that can make the world more accessible and make some money for you too.

We are the first and only one doing this and we do it in a very unique and amazing way!

Startup Too is held online and is free but the number of participants is limited – so please sign up below to reserve your place and to receive updates and more details [contact-form-7 id=”5099″ title=”new sign up form”]

And Hopefully Make Some Money From Your Invention Too

Our book –¬†Disability Is The Mother Of Invention shows you how you can use your health challenge or disability to invent products that make the world accessible and make money too.

The book is free for a limited time so act fast – click here to get it for free now!

Your Opinion Matters

Use It To Make The World Accessible

And You Can Make Some Money Too

You can play a role in ensuring that the next big things are accessible for everyone and make some money doing so.

This includes answering surveys, participating in beta sites, and testing new accessible products.

If you are interested – please sign up for more information.

Thank you and remember – your opinion truly matters¬†[contact-form-7 id=”5326″ title=”your opinion matters”]