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If You Are Facing A Health Challenge Or Disability - You Have Come To The Right Place

We Show You How To Make The World Accessible Yourself


And How You Can Make Some Money Too

Our Call To Action

The time has come for us – the people facing health challenges and disabilities – the ones who truly need an accessible world – to go out and make it accessible ourselves.

We can invent and create really cool accessible products.

We can commercialize these products and make some money too.

When we do – everyone benefits – not just us.

You can make this happen. You have the power to make the world accessible and make money too!

So – what is stopping you from doing something amazing by making the world accessible yourself?

The answer is nothing. You already started the process by visiting this site.

So there is no going back – only forward – scroll down this page and let’s get going.

Time to ROCK ON!

You Can Make The World Accessible Yourself & Make Money Too!

We Help You Every Step Of The Way


Join Startup Too Academy

Our Startup Too Academy motivates and teaches you how to leverage your health challenge or disability to startup your own company.

The goal is for you to make the world more accessible and make some money too.

We are the first and only one doing this and we do it in a very unique and amazing way!

Startup Too is held online and is free but the number of participants is limited – so please sign up below to reserve your place and to receive updates, free goodies and more details. [sibwp_form id=2]

Invent An Accessible Product Yourself


And Make Some Money From Your Invention Too!

Our book – Make The World Accessible Yourself shows you how you can leverage your health challenge or disability to invent products that make the world accessible and make money too.

The book guides you every step of the way and includes free access to our help desk which provide you with on-going support during the entire process.

The book is free for a limited time so act fast – click here to get it for free now!

In addition to Startup Too Academy, Our Book and Our Free Help Desk – you can also learn and get help from our free online didactic and business development events. This includes free online seminars, match making events, demo days, investor meetups and much more to come.

The best way to stay up to date and make sure you never miss a free event, workshop, seminar or meetup is to sign up for Startup Too Academy. If you have not signed up yet – you can do so via the form below:

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